Special Interest Tours India

Ayurveda & Wellness Yoga & Meditation
Art of Living Garden Tour
Spice Plantation Tour of India Hindu Pilgrimage
Sikh Pilgrimage Buddhist Pilgrimage
St.Thomes Footsteps Textile Tour
Art & Crafts Tour

Being a frequent traveler, we at RIV do realize that you have a specific interest in a particular area, for which this sub-continent is attracted. Be it the natural way of curing and rejuvenating by taking an Ayurveda & Wellness tour or take a Yoga & Meditation Tour on the banks of Holy River Ganges in Rishikesh in the north or on the Golden Beaches of Kerala with natural beauty to look at with fresh air.

The concept Art of Living is a well known and is being adopted by many in the world and we not only have visit poster's website special tour package based on it, we have personnel specially mastered the art and can go to any extend in explaining and teaching this concept our clients. We can take you for a basic course of Art of Living at one of the Ashrams of Sri Ravi Shankar combined with a tour to the nearby areas.

This enchanting land has various Gardens of special interest for those who have keen in interest in Gardens and gardening. India is the hub of various Spices and visiting these plantations and factories on how these spices are cultivated and processed would be and experience to remember. Not to mention, India is famous for its art, crafts and Textiles and we have specially designed tour packages to cover your special interest in this field. Just name the area of your interest, we will work out a tour of your Special Interest.