Fair & Festival Tours

Pushkar Cattle Nagaur Fair
Desert Festival Hemis Festival
Tarnetar Fair Ravechi Fair
Kutch Festival Boat Race
Pooram Music Festival
Dussera Festival Baneshwar Festival
Kumbh Mela Taj Mahotsav
Khajuraho Festival Durga Puja

India is a country of sub-continental dimensions. It is an ancient civilization and an inheritor to a rich and diverse cultural tradition. The Fairs and Festivals celebrated across the length and breadth of the land present a fascinating pageant and showcase the resplendence of its arts and crafts tradition. Some festivals are of religious nature, others are linked with the lives of the people, change of seasons and harvesting. There are fairs which in past played an important role in the commercial life of the people and continue to be celebrated with great gusto.

An integral part of Indian culture are innumerable Fairs & Festivals and are equally varied in origin marking the national, regional, local, religious, seasonal and social fervour. The Indian festival calendar is one long procession of festivals dedicated to various deities, saints, and prophets and also seasons, with every day of the year being observed as a festival, in some part of the country. Each festival is unique in style and is characterised by colour, gaiety, enthusiasm, feasts and heterogeneity of prayers and rituals. Many of these festivals are common to most parts of India, though called by different names and celebrated differently, in the various parts of the country. Come discover these Fairs and Festivals with us - we take you to these colourful festivals and have designed special Festival Tours exclusively covering these exciting and popular Festivals of India.